Seller and buyer
These commercial terms govern relationships between seller YHS Distribution Sdn Bhd with registered office at
 B-2-5B Jalan 12/144A, Taman Bukit Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, registered in the business register managed by the SIRIM Malaysia, insert no. 1097389-X, (hereinafter referred to as "seller"),and buyer the offer and sale of products on

Buying contract
The purchase order is a draft purchase contract. The purchase contract between the buyer and seller originates when seller confirms the purchase order to the buyer. In this moment, the rights and responsibilities between the seller and the buyer become valid and effective.

The seller confirms the binding purchase order via e-mail latest 2 days from the day of receiving the purchase order from the buyer.

By confirming the purchase order, the seller commits to deliver the ordered goods and transfer the ownership of these goods to the buyer. The buyer commits to take over and pay the purchase price for these goods.

Order cancellation
Once we receive your purchase order (whether you made it via e-shop or e-mail), the purchase order becomes binding – as your draft purchase contract.
You can cancel your purchase order until we accept your draft purchase contract.

Payment options
For international orders we offer 2 payment methods - PayPal or Bank transfer. For orders within Klang Valley, we offer also "Cash on delivery" payment option.

Delivery terms
Delivery of ordered goods within East and West Malaysia is provided by express delivery service Skynet, Post Laju, Citylink and GDex. Your package will reach you during working days on the delivery address that you filled out in the purchase order.

We deliver goods within 7 days from the day of your order. We will inform you about expedition of ordered goods via email, phone or SMS.

Receipt of goods
The buyer is responsible for checking the goods before taking them over from the delivery service representative. If the buyer finds that the order has some damages caused by the transport, he is responsible to check together with the delivery service representative if the goods are damaged too. If the goods are damaged, the buyer is responsible to write a note about this damage and confirm (stamp) this document by the delivery service representative.

By signing the delivery note to the delivery service company, the buyer agrees with the takeover of the goods and confirms arrival without any damage. Later claims to return or exchange the goods caused by transport will not be considered and will be rejected.

The buyer is responsible to inform the seller about potential damage of goods during transport immediately, latest in 2 days after goods receipt. This is to be done by email at

The warranty period is 1 years and it starts at the day of receipt. The warranty period is prolonged by the time of warranty repairs. In case of goods exchange, new warranty period begins.

Return policy
This return policy is valid only for goods within the warranty period and for goods that are used according to the Usage instructions listed bellow. For successful claims follow the below mentioned process:
If the goods need to be returned, please inform us about the observed problems as soon as possible. You can do so by email at along with the following details:
respective product name
reason of return – exact description of the problem
date of goods takeover
your contact details – name, address, phone number, e-mail
which form of return are you claiming

Send the claimed goods along with the return claim for consideration to the following address: B-2-5B Jalan 12/144A Taman Bukit Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Returns can be delivered in person or by post to the above mentioned address – best in the original, otherwise in other suitable protective packaging, along with the above mentioned information and a copy of relevant invoice. When sending the package, do not forget to mark it as FRAGILE.
Make sure, you do not send the returns by cash on delivery method. We will not accept such package and will return it to your address. Please avoid this way of claiming back the amount for the purchased product. We will inspect the damage first and then be in contact with you to solve this matter.

The warranty applies only for items returned within 14 days of receipt. Returns beyond 30 days will not be accepted.
Your product comes with a limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship. Please note that the warranty does not cover the damage resulting from improper use, accidents and normal wear and tear.

Protection of personal data of customer
All personal data of our customers (buyers) – name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, billing or shipping address) are kept according to the valid law on protection of personal data.
Personal data provided by buyers, will be used only for the need of our e-shop (for purpose of closing buying contract and its fulfillment) and will not be shared with a third party. Exceptions to this are transportation and logistic company, with whom we share information needed for problem-free order delivery.
On written request, we have the obligation to block, correct, add or delete personal data of buyer.

Final provisions
These commercial terms can be found at our web page in the section commercial terms.
In time of closing buying contract, legal relationships between seller and buyer comply with commercial terms as amended on the day of order placement of the purchaser.
Otherwise, the legal relationships between seller and buyer follow respective provisions of civil code and consumer protection law, resp. commercial code as amended. These commercial terms are effective as of 14th of February 2014.